When it comes to under-cabinet range hoods, there are a variety choices and considerations. It is important to select the appropriate hood for your needs. Factors such as the type of range/stove top, the duct size, and the amount of space available will determine which range hood will work best.

The Range/Stove Top
The type of range that will be used in the kitchen is an important factor. If a gas range is used, we recommend using an under-cabinet range hood that has a minimum 8" duct size. The larger duct will allow for more efficient airflow and will ensure that the hood does not heat up too much from the gas range. Generally, heavy duty gas stoves will require a heavy duty range hood with a large duct.

Duct Size
The best under-cabinet range hoods come with at least an 8" duct opening. This larger duct size allows for more suction and a quieter performance. Under-cabinet range hoods with a 6" duct size are also efficient and can be used with electric stoves without issue.

Available Space
Apart from determining how wide your range hood needs to be, it is also important to consider the height and depth of the hood. Any range hood with more depth will provide better coverage and will increase overall perfromance. The height of the range hood will determine how hight the hood will be above the cooking surface. We generally recommend a distance of 24" to 30" (preferably on the higher end for gas ranges).

If you require any assistance with the purcahse of your Under-Cabinet range hood, we can be reached at 800-394-4020.

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