If you are installing a range hood and your ceiling height is lower than 8 feet, our standard chimney covers will be too long. All of our chimney-style range hoods are made for 8-9 foot ceilings.

There are a few options to resolve this:

Custom Cut
We offer custom cutting services. If you wish to cut down the chimney cover pieces of your chimeny-style range hood, we can do that for you at an additional cost. Our team will require some information about your ceiling height and the height that the range hood will be installed at. Please speak with a representative if you require a custom cut.

One-Piece Installation
There is the option to install the range hood with only 1 of the 2 provided chimney cover pieces. The advantage to this method is that no custom cutting is required. The disadvantage is that there will be a small gap between the top of the chimney cover piece and the ceiling. If the small gap is not a concern (as it is only aesthetic), then this may be the solution for you.

Under-Cabinet Range Hood
There is always the option of installing a different type of range hood. If you are re-modeling your entire kitchen and have the option to add in cabinets, you can opt to install an under-cabinet range hood instead of a chimney-style. Some calculations will be required in order to determine the type of cabinet and range hood that will be needed.

If you have questions about installing a range hood with a low ceiling, please speak with a representative in our technical department. We can be contact at +800-394-4020 or locally at +604-430-5252.

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