Range Hood CFM Recommendations

A key question when purchasing your new range hood is “How much CFM do I need”. There are a few factors that will determine this.

Before purchasing your new range hood, please ask yourself the following questions:

• What type of range will I be using? (Electric, Gas, etc.)
• What are the total BTUs of the stove?
• How many burners will you be using at the same time?
• What type of cooking will take place? (light, moderate, heavy)
• Are there any CFM restrictions in your city?
• Will you need make-up air? (Speak to an HVAC professional)
• Do you have a fire-burning fireplace? (If you do, there may be a Carbon Monoxide danger)

In order to determine the amount of CFM required for your specific situation, the above questions must be answered.


1) 70,000 BTU Gas Stove = recommended minimum of 700 CFM (Calculation: 70,000/100 = 700)

2) 70,000 BTU Gas Stove and only use 2 burners max at 15,000 BTU each = minimum 300-400 CFM is required (Please note: The range hood purchased must still have an all metal blower for hot gas stoves, no plastic! In addition, if 3 or 4 burners are used in this case it may not be enough suction at 300-400 CFM and if the blower and duct is not large enough, the fan can shut off due to overheating).

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