Range Hood Trends

Built-In/Insert Style

The built-in or insert style range hoods are quickly becoming popular among homeowners. Although this type of range hood generally requires deeper cabinetry (15-20”), it can provide a sleek, minimalistic look for your new or renovated kitchen. This style of range hood looks great aesthetically and it provides enough coverage for your range. Please take a look at a few models we recommend below:

Ceiling Mount

The ceiling mount range hood is one of the fastest growing trends in kitchen renovations today. This style of range hood provides sufficient suction for light to moderate cooking and it is easy to forget that a range hood is even installed! The ceiling mount range hood fits directly inside a standard 8’ ceiling. Sometimes it is required to drop the ceiling down if it is higher than 8 feet (for optimal performance). Please take a look at our very own sleek Victory Sky ceiling mount range hood below:

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