Buying Guide: Wall Cap or Roof Cap

This guide will assist you in purchasing the correct wall cap or roof cap for your specific situation.


Roof Cap or Wall Cap?

First determine whether you will require a roof cap or a wall cap. If you are venting through the roof, you will need a roof cap. If your ducting is going out an exterior side wall, you will need a wall cap.



The duct size of your range hood will determine the size of the duct that you will need. If you purchase a range hood with an 8" diameter duct, you will need 8" ducting and an 8" wall/roof cap for optimal performance. Your wall cap or roof cap are just as important as the rest of your ducting. If your ducting is 8" and your wall cap is undersized at 6", your range hood will perform poorly on high speeds. Please ensure that the surface are of the exit of your wall or roof cap matches the surface are of an 8" round duct.

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