Range Hood Guide: Powerful and Quiet Operation

This guide will outline the key aspects of successfully purchasing and installing a powerful and quiet range hood.


The size of the range hood that will go over any range makes a difference. If your stove size is 30" wide, your range hood must be at least 30" wide as well in order to obtain optimal performance. If you wish to have an even more efficient hood, please consider oversizing your range hood by one size (Example: 36" range hood for a 30" stove). Oversizing will provide additional coverage for your range and will increase overall efficiency.


The duct size that will be installed to use with your new range hood is just as important as the quality and performance of the hood. The minimum recommended duct size for any range hood is 6" in diameter (anything smaller will significantly affect the performance of the range hood). For better performance and noise levels, we recommend using an 8" duct when possible. For powerful gas stoves, we recommend using a duct size of at least 8" and a range hood with all metal parts and a large blower that can withstand the heat. One way to approximately calulate the amount of CFM required for a range is by dividing the total BTU value by 100. This will produce the minimum CFM levels that are required for your situation.


The total length of the ducting can affect the performance of your range hood. It is recommended to keep the duct run as short as possible and with as little 90 degree elbows as possible. Every 90 degree elbow/turn in a duct run will decrease suction by approximately 10-15%. For optimal performance, we do not recommend using more than 1 elbow. The roof cap and wall cap can also make a difference. It is important to install a wall cap that has a gradual turn (rather than hitting a flat surface) because this will ensure that the airflow is not interrupted. The surface area of your wall cap opening must be the same size as your duct size. If it is reduced, it will affect performance.

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