Performance or Aesthetics?

Are you more interested in installing a range hood that will perform well or one with a minimal and slim look? If your top priority is performance, we recommend choosing a larger range hood with a pyramid shape. The pyramid-shaped range hoods have more open space around the blower and allow for easier air flow. More open space and more coverage allows for steam and smoke to easily travel through your range hood and your duct.

If your main priority is the look of the range hood and you are not as concerned with the performance, we would suggest taking a look at our slim-line of range hoods. These types of hoods will provide a more minimal look in your kitchen, and will still function well for low-moderate cooking.

Duct Size

It is important to know what duct size your home has. The duct is just as important as the range hood. The minimum duct size that we recommend for any range hood is 6". If your home has a gas stove, we ususally recommend a minimum duct size of 8" because of the increased heat from the range. The duct size must be the same size throughout (including the wall or roof cap). If the duct is reduced at any point, it will affect the noise levels and overall performance of any range hood.

Which type of Range Hood do you need?

Determine the type of range hood that you will require. Will it be a wall-mounted, under-cabinet, built-in, or island-type range hood? Every situation is different and it is important to be specific on the type of hood that will be required for your kitchen renovation.

Noise Levels

Noise levels vary depending on the type and size of the range hood. The duct size also plays a big part. The ideal situation for low noise would be to purchase a range hood with a large blower (because it slips slower and creates less noise) and to install at least an 8" duct. A more powerful range hood with a larger duct size will be quieter than a less powerful range hood with a smaller duct size.

Stove Type: Gas or Electric?

It is imporant to determine if your home will have a gas stove or an electric stove. The stove type will determine the type of range hood that is required. Gas stoves require higher CFM and heavier-duty range hoods. If you do not want to use a large range hood with a large duct, we do not recommend purchasing a gas stove. Gas stoves require range hoods with a minimum of an 8" duct. If you will be using an electric stove, the options are more vast as there are less requirements to be met.

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