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Victory Q5-30 (built -in insert liner)

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Introducing our best hood for heavy cooking! The Victory Q5 is 19" Deep providing more coverage. There is No Circuit Board in this unit. For reliability, we install just 2 rotary mechanical switches.

This simple design makes it the best fit for indoor and outdoor enclosed spaces. This is our most reliable range hood, and it comes with our longest warranty - 5 Years.

The Victory Q5 is designed for long lasting, problem free service. This unit is Designed, Assembled (in our warehouse) and Certified in Canada according to the toughest North American standards. 

Our Intertek (ETL) number is 4011094.

The outside dimensions of this range hood are 29-1/4" inches wide x 19 inches deep, with a height of 13".

The unit's 2 dimmable GU10 lights provide great, full-coverage lighting. An LED option is also available for this beautiful hood. The Q5 has 4 exhaust/blower speeds for the appropriate use in all cooking situations.

Victory Q5 has 2  duct options:  6" exhaust vent (standard) or an optional 8". When higher CFM levels are desired, we recommend using the 8" transition and 8" duct.

In order to achieve quiet and powerful performance, there is a minimum requirement of a 6" duct for this hood range. The wall cap or roof cap outside of the building must also be a minimum of 6" (8" if the 8" duct option was chosen).

The back/rear vent option is only available with an 8" transition because it is narrower (only 2 inches deep). Anything more than 2" will take up too much space in the wall.



The Victory Q5 is assembled in our warehouse, which allows us to modify it as desired. We provide 4 different blower options to choose from. We offer a low-CFM, low-noise option for areas with CFM restrictions. If noise levels are a primary concern, we recommend the 350CFM blower option because it is the quietest.

  • Minimum Parts (nothing to break)
  • No Circuit Board
  • Simple Wire Diagram
  • No Visible Display (with Hidden Switches for a Sleek Design)


Equipped with a rust and oil-resistant, all metal, fully enclosed motor and a high temperature (600C) fiberglass sleeve for all wires, the Q5 blower is the safest, longest-lasting blower available today. Many other manufacturers use plastic blower casings and/or impellers with NON-sealed motors. This can create premature failure and a fire hazard. Other brands often have motor wires that are exposed to moisture and oil in the air stream, and are not sealed like the ones inside our hoods at Victory Range Hoods. This quiet and powerful motor provides an astonishing 750 CFM.


From experience we know that digital controls DO FAIL more often than one might think. Our wiring diagram is simple, practical and very reliable. Our Victory Q5 is equipped with long lasting rotary Mechanical Switches, interchangeable, available in almost every electrical supply store. Having a faulty circuit board or display will make any range hood non-operational. Finding the same circuit board or display for a faulty, digitally controlled, will be imposible in most cases.


Our Victory Q5 comes with 2 baffle filters. They are the longest-lasting filters on the market, and are dishwasher safe. The baffle filters span the width and depth of this range hood. When cleaning is desired, the filters split apart to fit into any standard dishwasher for a thorough cleaning inside and out. This hood also features a removable grease tray at the back of the hood. Both filters are angled towards the back and any excess oil drains in the grease tray. Every 3-6 months the grease tray needs to be removed and washed.


  Assembled in CANADA

  Mounting version - Built-In/Insert 30"

  Deeper than most other hoods (19") for better efficiency

  Powerful ultra quiet motor (all metal)

  Reversible TOP 6" or 8" round or BACK 6" or 8" round exhaust

  750 CFM Centrifugal Blower (when min. 8" duct is used)

  Four-speed Mechanical Rotary Switch control

  Two Bright 35W Halogen Lights GU10 (Dimmable), with an option to upgrade to LED Lights

  Stainless steel baffle filter (dishwasher safe) + grease trap

  Heavy duty 19 gauge (1mm) stainless steel (brushed finish)

  Rear/Back Vented option available (for tight spaces or low ceilings)

  Assembled Weight: 24 kg, or 53 lbs

  Full seamless stainless steel construction

  FIVE YEAR Limited Factory Warranty

victoryrangehoods in Burnaby, BC on Houzz   victoryrangehoods in Burnaby, BC on Houzzwall-mount-range-hood-manual Users Manual

More Information
Installation Built In / Insert Liner
Maximum Airflow (CFM) 750 CFM
Gauge steel (Metal thickness) 19 gauge (1mm)
Filtration Type Stainless steel baffle filter (s)
Number motors One - Single Chamber Ultra Quiet
Dimmable Lights Yes
Hood Depth 19" deep
Size 30 inches
Color / Material Stainless steel, brushed finish
Control Type Rotary switch (Mechanical)
Illumination 2 x 35W Halogen GU10
Ceiling height N/A
Venting Size (Duct size) 6" round top exhaust
Noise Level (sone) 0.7 to 4.0 (Lowest/Highest Speed)
Levels Of Speed 4 Speed
Motor Revolution 800 RPM (+/-10%) to 1300 RPM (+/-10%)
Warranty 5 Years parts replacement
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