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Split Systems (Remote Blowers)


What is a split system?

Split system is the best option you can get if you desire low noise and high suction power (CFM). When you have Split System, the system consists 2 items. The first one is the hood shell without the blower. The other part of the system is the blower. The blower can be installed on the outside of the house or in the attic. Crawl space installation is also possible, but due to the fact that the air will need to travel from the hood down creates extra resistance ( pressure) and it is not the best option .

So lets discuss the 2 most common remote blower installations - Outdoor and Attic. The outdoor blower is mounted on the outside of the house. The advantage is that it is easy to install and you don't need to buy 8" wall cap. The blower box replaces the wall cap. But the outdoor blower is more vulnerable to freezing, because is it exposed to the outdoors ( - 40 degrees might be a problem and the motor might freeze). On the other hand, the attack blower is a bit more difficult to install, you need good size attic and you still need to purchase a wall or roof cap ( min 8" ). Typically the Attic blower needs to be wrapped in insulation to prevent condensation. But the attic blower will give you better noise cancellation because it will be installed further away. The further away from the kitchen you install the blower, the better noise cancellation you will get. But be careful, to many elbows will reduce the power of the hood. Will it be completely silent you might ask? No. You will still hear the air moving through the duct. The bigger the duct be less noise you will hear from the air movement. Our Whisper MAX is available with 10" duct connectors, making the system as quiet as it can be. On average, the noise levels of the remote blower range from 0.8 to 4 sones.

Typically you need to drill an 8" duct hole in the wall ( wall or brick) or ceiling. Why 8" you might ask? Because having a larger duct will reduce the static pressure and reduce the noise. The larger the duct, the better. There will be one 1 wire ( 5 conductors) between the blower box and the hood. If the hood is equipped with 4-speed blower you will need 5 conductors + ground. One of the 5 conductors is in the neutral wire and the other 4 are for the 4 different speeds. The wire size between the blower and the hood needs to be confirmed by your local electrical inspector ( but typically number 14 ).

You must have a back-draft damper in the system. We recommend installing the dampers at the border where the cold and heated sections of the house meet. Our gasketed BBDs are very good quality and they do a good job preventing the cold air of coming back to the house. Also remember, the blower will be sucking the air, so the entire duct system from the blower to the hood MUST BE SEALED with aluminum tape.

Should you use the original blower and add an external one? Actually, this is not a good idea. Having 2 blowers will create extra noise as they will start fight each other. We recommend a single blower in the system.



This diagram shows a typical remote blower installation. Below you see the hood body, there is no blower inside. The blower has been moved to the attic or installed on the outside wall. There is a wire between the 2.

If you purchase a full SPLIT system from us, you will receive both parts pre-wired and tested. The hood will have 5 wires and the blower will have 5 wires. They will be marked for easy connection between the two.



Top-of-the-line outdoor remote blower Made by Victory Range Hoods, high CFM , low noise.

All rust-resistant metal construction to meet the needs of professional-quality home cooktops

This 44-speedamazing blower is made to work with all our rotary switch range hoods, Built-in hoods and under cabinet hoods. The rotary switch installed on the hood control the blower outside.

It eliminates the need for an additional wall cap, as it comes with protective metal mesh.

Requires min 8" duct and damper (purchased separately).


120v, 300Watts. Comes with 5 wires and ground. 1 COMMON WIRE ( neutral ) AND 4 SPEED WIRES. The capacitor is included in the box.


Please look on your left, this is our Whisper MAX blower. It can be installed vertically or horizontally. This is the most versatile remote blower developed to reduce noise levels without reducing the suction of your blower. Also, it is used when the space above the stove is limited and not big for the powerful hood, but the customer requests powerful suction. Our WHISPER blower IS MADE IN CANADA . It is recommended for attic or crawl space installations. The controller is not included. 8 or 10 inches intake, 8 or 10 inches exhaust. The blower is 750CFM ( 850 CFM with 10" duct). The size of the metal box with  8" or 10" duct transition: w 25" h 22" d 16"

Not recommended for outdoor uncovered locations, needs to be installed in DRY locations (For ATTIC or CRAWL SPACE installations only) Does come with one common wire and 4 separate speed wires for 4 separate blower speeds. Total 5 wires + GROUND Requires minimum 8" diameter ducting throughout. Maxim duct size length with max 2 - 90 degree elbows should be 35'

It can work with the following range hoods: Elite, Twister Max, Q2, Q5, Verona, Typhoon, Twister, Twister Island, Twister MAX island

Power rating: 120V/60Hz, 140W Min /230W Max

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