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Fast & Free Shipping | North American Made

There are plenty of styles of range hoods to choose from, but if you’re looking for something more discreet that preserves the overall view and look of your kitchen, a flush ceiling mount range hood is your best option. Unlike an island range hood, ceiling range hoods sit flush to your ceiling without hanging down. And unlike downdraft range hoods, ceiling range hoods still sit above your cooking surface providing your better coverage and preformance.

The Benefits of a VICTORY Ceiling Range Hood

The Benefits of a VICTORY Ceiling Range Hood

  • Easy Install: Most ceiling hoods on the market require reframing in your ceiling to install. Our line of ceiling range hoods are designed to install between your joists to make installation easy and convenient.
  • Powerful Suction: The door panel below the range hood not only covers your filters to give it a sleek design, but also creates a powerful vacuum suction to whisk away any airborne kitchen odors, smoke and steam.
  • Save Space: By installing flush to your ceiling, you are able to save the space above your island and preserve your view in the kitchen.
Downdraft vs. Ceiling Range Hood

Downdraft vs. Ceiling Range Hood

There are a few potential reasons why a ceiling range hood is a better choice than a downdraft fan.

  1. Efficiency: Your cooking odors and smoke travel upwards. Since a downdraft fan does not sit directly above your cooking surface, it is much less efficient at capturing airborne odors or smoke.
  2. Noise: Downdraft fans can be loud which can ruin your cooking experience. Our ceiling range hoods have quiet powerful motors in them and have multiple speed settings, letting you control the speed and ultimately the noise.
  3. Cost: Downdraft fans can be expensive and inconvenient to install. Because our ceiling hoods fit between ceiling joists, in most cases no reframing is necessary which means much lower installation costs.

Is a Ceiling Range Hood Right for you?

Many homeowners designing or renovating their kitchen do not want a big obtrusive range hood over their island range and want to save space and their view in the kitchen. While it is true that if you have a range 48" or bigger you may need a bigger island range hood to match, most homeowners have standard sized ranges' which our ceiling range hoods are perfect for.

If you have a standard size range but still want something more powerful (900 CFM or more) we also make more powerful models that are suitable for heavy cooking. If you are one of the many homeowners designed your kitchen and don't want a range hood hanging down or a downdraft, then a ceiling range hood may be perfect for you.

VICTORY Ceiling Range Hoods

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I shopped for hoods and tried to order several and they were always out of stock. I then found Victory Hoods and am glad the other companies were out of stock. Victory Hoods were the only hoods that fit between the joist and that made the install much easier. I worked in a stainless fabrication plant when I was young and the quality of the Victory Hoods was incredible. The price of the Victory Hood was 30% less than the other hoods. Don't hesitate to buy the Victory Hood, you won't be disappointed.

Fred Rummans

Great flush mount! Quiet, yet pulls a tremendous amount of CFM through. Installers were really impressed and had clients asking about it. If a remodel comes up again, be sure I’m getting another.

Robert Green

I didn’t think we could find a solution for a hood above a stove near a window without blocking the kitchen window. Then I saw this, and I couldn’t be happier! The hood was fairly simple to install, and it’s pretty quiet compared to other hoods I’ve come across. I would highly recommend!

Jonathan Kizy

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